[PARTNER REPORT] Cloud Technologies are Here for Utilities with Oracle and Zpryme

[PARTNER REPORT] Cloud Technologies are Here for Utilities with Oracle and Zpryme

You may hear people still talk about the Cloud in terms of the distant future—or that utilities are slow to adopt any new technology—but we found the opposite to be true.

A recent survey of 100 North American electric, water and gas utility executives completed by Zpryme and Oracle Utilities shows that utilities are embracing the Cloud. With 45% using the Cloud in some form today and another 52% planning to use the Cloud—nearly 97% of them told us they have become involved with Cloud technologies, or applications and computing resources delivered as services over a network connection instead of through in-house resources at a utility.

These numbers signify a milestone for the industry: a fundamental change in how utilities are approaching their technology investments. Technology that used to be characterized by large homegrown systems managed by internal utility staff is transforming into more nimble partnerships with outside providers. Why the change in these long-held beliefs? In this paper, you’ll learn:

  • The reasons behind why utilities are already investing in the Cloud today
  • The sweet spots where utilities are unlocking the potential of the Cloud—from handling emerging technologies to transforming legacy systems
  • Turbulence along the way to the Cloud—and considerations for overcoming it
  • Recommendations for building out your organization’s Cloud strategies

Key Findings

  • Nearly 50% of survey respondents listed keeping pace with technology changes and improving their flexibility as key drivers for their Cloud investments.
  • Areas that require rapid innovation (53%) are top candidates for the Cloud
  • 89% of respondents are moving or plan to move their meter data management (MDM) systems to the Cloud is the next three years
  • 69% of respondents are moving plan to move their customer information system (CIS) to the Cloud is the next three years

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