ETS Highlights

  • Cultivating Human Power, Community, & Energy Innovation
    Anne Pramaggiore, ETS@chicago
  • Keeping (more than) the Lights On
    John W. Rowe, ETS@chicago
  • The case for engineering and design
    Steve Wozniak, ETS14
  • Watson is not bound by volume or memory
    Rob High, ETS15
  • Ratcheting the security issue and energy outlook
    Jon Wellinghoff, ETS15
  • Resistance to new technology
    Steve Wozniak, ETS14
  • Mars, will today's energy get us there?
    John Scott, ETS14
  • Analytics required to realize full promise of grid advancements
    Tom Siebel, ETS15
  • Music is energy
    Caleb Hans Polashek, ETS14
  • Energy and education, what's missing?
    Stan McClellan, ETS15@edu