Transforming the Chaos

There’s no better place than Zpryme’s flagship ETS16 to debate the state and future of energy. Our looking glass begins and ends with the stories of real people around the globe influencing the grand energy transition.

Join us on March 29 – 31 in Austin, Texas at the historic Paramount Theatre to experience a fascinating cross-section of established leaders and unsung heroes rewriting the next generation of energy.

The biggest part about the art of running a utility is knowing what is enduring, changing slowly and rapidly… The best leaders don't come out of boring times, they come out of messes.

– John W. Rowe, Founder of Exelon, ETS@chicago, July 22, 2015

What has been essentially the same industry for 100 years is now being turned on its head. Chaos rules in the energy industry today. And that’s a good thing, because it’s enabling a much-needed sustainable transformation.

“Digitizing” the grid is a somewhat recent step that started with the widespread introduction of smart meters. While utilities brought them in to primarily automate meter reading and customer billing, these meters and other digital grid technologies have actually unleashed ideas and companies that are shaking the very core of what it means to be a utility company. Other influences, like the Clean Power Plan by President Obama and EPA, will impact utility business models, industry standards, regulations and policy.

There is chaos, but within the disorder comes great opportunity. ETS16 will explore the critical challenges facing the energy industry across a handful of important themes:

  • Transformation
    Overhauling business models, standards, regulatory, policy, funding opportunities
  • Emergence
    Emerging leaders and technologies
  • Convergence
    Bringing it all together - new project participants, systems and infrastructure, national and international
  • Humans
    Humanizing infrastructure
  • Chaos
    Uncertainty, public response, rapid change, the chaos brings opportunities for significant change and leadership
ETS16 focuses on transforming the Chaos. Experience the process.