[PARTNER WEBINAR] Highlighting New Tech for Utility Operators and Customers with CPS Energy and Intel

[PARTNER WEBINAR] Highlighting New Tech for Utility Operators and Customers with CPS Energy and Intel

Utility staff, utility customers, and technology companies are increasingly seeing new kinds of technology that change the old equation of how to deliver electricity.

Moderated by Drew Johnston ETS President with ETS16 thought leaders Raiford Smith CPS Energy VP Corporate Development and Planning and  Thierry Godart Intel GM of Energy Solutions discussed how to navigate and accelerate the transformation of the utility world with ubiquitous edge devices and cloud-to-edge software technology that includes standard and open connectivity, extreme cybersecurity and high performance scalability while meeting the unique ruggedized environmental constraints of utility grids.

To take full advantage of distributed and renewable energy resources, utility operators must be aware of the health and status of all connected assets and eventually be able to dispatch them in an optimally economical way. An Internet Of Things architecture will provide a flexible and scalable data infrastructure capable to inform all concerned stakeholders.

The proposed new IoT architecture for operating the grid will enable two major improvements:

  • With energy information at all time highs, prosumers will choose and plan for the best use of their energy while their utility ensures continuous availability of the grid as a platform for these choices.
  • In case of abnormal conditions, such as storm events, the utility will use this infrastructure for the rapid restoration of power, including the use of connected islands powered by resilient microgrids.

Intel and CPS Energy are official sponsors of ETS16. Join Intel, CPS Energy and thought leaders from around the globe to debate the state and future of energy in Austin, Texas from March 29 to 31.watch webinar playback

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