ETS Thought Leader of the Year

ETS Thought Leader of the Year

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 11, 2016 /press release/ — Zpryme  is proud to announce today that Doyle N. Beneby will be recognized as the 2016 ETS “Thought Leader of the Year.”

Launched last year and awarded to Dr. Massoud Amin, University of Minnesota Professor and IEEE Chairman, the “Thought Leader of the Year” award honors an individual with an inventive, brave vision to inspire the global energy ecosystem. Determined by the ETS committee and the organization’s expansive executive network, the recognition will be presented to Beneby, New Generation Power International’s CEO, during Zpryme’s ETS16 on March 30, 2016 at the historic Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas.

“I am honored to have been selected for the distinguished 2016 ETS Energy Thought Leader award, and I am humbled by the opportunity I have with New Generation Power International to drive energy innovation at a global level,” shared Beneby, who participated in ETS14 and ETS15 and was selected from among 187 global peers for outstanding contributions to advancing renewables, community engagement and exceptional energy thought leadership in 2015.

“Doyle Beneby was the ETS Committee’s unanimous choice for our second ETS Thought Leader of the Year award,” explained Andrew Johnston, ETS president. “Mr. Beneby has left an indelible impression on communities, people and utilities across the U.S., from Florida and the Midwest to Texas.  His impact will now be felt globally, in a new role designed uniquely for him.  We are honored not only to witness Mr. Beneby’s vision being gracefully pooled across a new spectrum of leaders, but also his commitment to advancing energy ​solutions for a safe and reliable 21st century.”


A seasoned energy executive, Beneby recently became CEO of New Generation Power International. Prior to joining the company, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer for CPS Energy, the largest municipal electric and gas utility in the U.S., with annual operating revenue of more than $2.5 billion and an asset base of $11 billion. Under his leadership, CPS Energy transformed its generation fleet to one of the most diversified in the country, with an emphasis on low-carbon and renewable sources. Prior to leading CPS Energy, Beneby served as President of Exelon Power. He has also held senior executive positions at Florida Power & Light Co., Consumers Energy Co., PECO Energy, and ComEd. He has been an independent director of Capital Power Corp. since 2012.

He will be recognized by 2015 recipient Dr. Amin and Johnston.

“Mr. Doyle N. Beneby has been an innovative and effective leader; especially for his exemplary service and vision leading CPS Energy the past five years,” said Dr. Amin. “Mr. Beneby’s contributions in the areas of generation, renewables, and asset acquisition over the last decade have had huge transformative impact for the energy industry. I am honored to join Mr. Beneby on the distinguished list of awardees as an ETS Thought Leader of the Year.”

ETS16 is March 29 – 31 at the historic Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas. Contact us for more information on being a part of energy thought leadership history today.

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