Watch ETS Profiles: Ian McLeod, Ergon Energy CEO

Watch ETS Profiles: Ian McLeod, Ergon Energy CEO

On January 8, 2016 Zpryme pulled up a chair with Ian McLeod Ergon Energy CEO and ETS16 thought leader in Brisbane, Australia to cover questions such as: What’s your earliest memory working in energy? Hero, mentor, leader, who inspires you? What’s the next greatest challenge in energy?


My advice to the next generation entering the energy workforce, understand technology and don’t put yourself in a box, move around in the business. Whether it’s financing or engineering use what is available to solve problems and deliver better customer service.

– Ian McLeod, Ergon Energy CEO, ETS Profiles, January 8, 2016

Ian has more than 30 years’ experience in the energy industry and has led a number of award winning innovations including the spatial intelligence and situational awareness capability, ROAMES (2015 Edison Electric Institute International Award Winner) and Townsville Energy Sense Community Smart Grid Program (Electric Power Research Institute Smart Grid demonstration project, Queensland Premiers Award Finalist and EPRI Technology Transfer Award).

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