Ravi Pradhan

Vice President, Technology Strategy | Siemens Digital Grid Division Software and Solutions – NA

Ravi Das Pradhan is Vice President, Technology Strategy, for Siemens Digital Grid Division Software and Solutions in Minneapolis. With 20 years experience building and integrating control center systems, electricity market systems and other operational IT systems, Ravi is part of the global Siemens Digital Grid Software product house and is responsible for selecting and implementing the appropriate technologies for Siemens Digital Grid software solutions.

Ravi was the executive technical lead for the PJM AC2 project that implemented a ground-breaking dual primary control center for managing the bulk of the northeast USA’s transmission grid. Prior to that, he was a principal architect for the California ISO Market Redesign and Technology Update project, which included a large IT integration component, along with market optimization software. He has also been the lead on EMS projects in Mexico City; Johannesburg, South Africa, NSP in Minneapolis, and Hydro-Quebec in Montreal.

Ravi earned his B.S. in computer science from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

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