Andrew T. Gonzales

Public Information Officer | Kit Carson Electric Cooperative - CIO | Kit Carson Telecom

Is the Public Information Officer for Kit Carson Electric Cooperative and the CIO for Kit Carson Telecom. In his dual role capacity Andrew is responsible for all Cooperative communications to the public which include KCEC’s membership engagement, press releases, Coop sponsored community events including new and existing stakeholder engagement on all of KCEC’s renewable energy projects. Additionally, Andrew oversees all local, state, and federal policy and regulatory engagement. As the CIO of the Cooperatives telecom division Andrew, is responsible for all implementation, expansion and completion of KCEC’s $64.8M FTTH project which was one of the nation’s largest single entity FTTH grant/loan awarded in the U.S. in 2010. The projects expected completion is end of year 2015 and has encompassed over 2,951mi of fiber optics construction build out of mainline and direct fiber to the home, which will greatly benefit, monitor and help maintain Kit Carson Electrics grid usage, enable modernization and enable large scale deployment of smart metering technologies. Andrew until March 2016 was a City Councilor in the City of Taos, and he sits as a technical advisor on the NM Public Regulatory Commissions broadband technologies committee.

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